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YET MORE PROFIT!! Rosicky gets a new deal?So why didnt Pires?.And still no sign of reinforcements

1st off!!

Good 2 see the business that is Arsenal FC have made yet MORE profit!!! That’s all i keep seeing “ARSENAL MAKE RECORD PROFITS” Maybe its time they started to spend some? If he ( Wenger ) wants to WIN something again, He MUST sign 2 more players this window

1) DM cover for Song & 2) a target man up front…

Remember that thing calling WINNING? Mr Wenger?

We have not seen this since 2005,The FA cup final and Vieira’s final game at Arsenal, The day Arsenal stopped trying to win things and became a business that only cared about profit. On that note, Why are we not signing Vieira as cover for Song???

Its no wonder there are so many empty seats at home games now!!!

2nd, Can somebody please tell me why Tomas Rosicky has been given a new deal at Arsenal?

What has he done at his time at Arsenal to justify getting this new deal? I cant think of anything apart from 2 goals away at Liverpool in the FC Cup?

So why has Wenger given him a new deal?

To make things worst i started to think about the way Wenger treated a true Arsenal great Robert Pires at the same stage of his Arsenal life.

Pires did so much for Arsenal,Won the league and cups and was a key members of the 49ners. Pires didnt get a new deal?

I really cant understand this?

Did Rosicky sign this new deal from the treatment table or what?

And 3rd.. What the hell is Wenger playing at?

The bloke has not stopped talking about “NEW SIGNS” on this week.

Wenger’s Quotes  “New buys won’t stunt my youngsters” – “I will spend my money responsibly”

TEASING US like he has done time and time again.. We have seen this before. I’m just waiting for Wenger to come out next week and say “We are happy with the players we have, I wont be spending any money”

What is he waiting for? We need players NOW!! No doubt Wenger will leave it till the last hour on deadline day and “try” and make a move for a player to try n get him on the cheap and miss out. Only to then tell us “We did everything we could” … Just like the Alonso deal.

Maybe he ( Wenger ) should stop talking about the transfer and got down to work and signing some much needed reinforcements.

IF we are serious about winning the league we bloody sure need them. I suggest Veloso & Carlton Cole.


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