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Wilshere in fresh smoking row after Shisha pipe photo


Jack Wilshere is set to be embroiled in a new row over smoking as a picture has emerged on the internet of him posing with some lovely ladies and holding a Shisha pipe at a nightclub.

The photo was taken a London nightclub last week and it emerged in Instagram and was promptly removed but as with anything online once it makes it onto to Social Media it gets shared and the debates about behaviour and whether athletes should smoke ensues once more.

This new evidence will surely irk Wenger who has a firm view that smoking and football do not mix and it doesn’t do him any favours with his reputation already fragile from previous smoking incidents. Wenger has already fined Szczesny for sparking up in the shower after a game and has often spoke of his belief that “the best way to have a high level of performance as possible is to follow the rules that allow you to perform,”

It is a complete lack of respect to the team, fans and more importantly himself when these photos emerge. To keep getting caught smoking is one thing but when he is always injured or out of form then people are entitled to question Wilshere’s dedication to the game and whether he really wants to play for the team as much as players who sacrifice the choice to smoke.

The 23 year old midfielder is currently recovering from an ankle injury after having surgery and expected to return to action in March. Whether this will hinder his return back to the team remains to be seen but my guess is the manager is always going to pick the non smoking player over the one who keeps smoking…Wilshere might want to remember that.


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