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Why Loic Remy isn’t the best choice for Arsenal



As it gets closer to the summer transfer window the rumours have already started in regards to who could be joining Arsenal this summer and of course who will be leaving?

Loic Remy has been connected with a move to Arsenal for years, this has been elevated this season and he also attended Sunday’s game v West Brom which has fuelled this rumour further.

Remy has had a pretty good year at Newcastle, he is their top scorer with 14 goals in 27 games which is a pretty good total considering Newcastle’s form this season has been less then consistent.

There is no denying that Remy has talent, he is fast, creative and quick thinking but I think if he decides to join a top 4 club then I think he will struggle to produce the quality that will be expected of him.

Demba Ba was in a similar situation as Remy when he joined Chelsea , 2 good years at a mid-table club and now he isn’t scoring much at all and his career has suffered as a result of his move. Had he stayed at Newcastle I think he and Cisse would’ve built up a great striker partnership, and I think the same will happen to Remy should he rejoin QPR or transfer to Newcastle permanently.

When a top club buy a striker like that it normally a temporary measure or a case of not having much money and buying the best you can but Arsenal are in neither of these situations. We have money and the club have a chance to sort out this situation after avoiding it for two years.

Remy isn’t the best choice for Arsenal because we should be aiming higher this summer, we should be like at the likes of Costa, Cavani, Di Maria, not someone with half the talent. Arsenal are hopefully in the market for a World Class striker and quite simply Remy is not that, he is barely a replacement for Giroud who despite being slower on the pitch has scored more goals this season.

Wenger might see Remy as the new Henry and if he was still up to the standard of management he was 8 years ago then I would have more confidence in Remy joining Arsenal but Wenger hasn’t been able to get the best from his players in recent times and has lost some of his ability to turn standard players into talent so I don’t think it’s worth a risk.

We still haven’t filled the void that was left when Van Persie joined United, and Giroud gets criticised every season for not being good enough to be our main striker, so it’s nonsensical to buy someone similar when we need any improvement.

The only way I see Remy fitting in at Arsenal is if we buy him as well as a another striker and with Wenger already saying that he is only signing 2 or 3 players I can’t see two of them being strikers.

Should we end up with no-one on deadline day then Remy would be the best of another bad transfer window but Wenger needs to stop falling short every year and buy someone capable.

Thank you as always for reading!

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