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Cesc Fabregas was asked whether he would consider returning to Arsenal as a coach in the future, to which he replied: “Of course”, which has now led to every UK media outlet reporting that he wants a coaching job at the Emirates.

The S*n ran with it and suggested the Spanish international was planning a ‘sensational return’ to Arsenal. But is he? Fabregas was asked a question he was always going to reply positively to, but it’s being treated as gospel.

The 30-year-old would have surely given the same reply if asked about a future coaching role with Chelsea or Barcelona. We know Fabregas has an affinity with Arsenal, having previously revealed a desire to return before joining Chelsea in 2014, but this coaching link is clutching for straws.

Many could argue it backs up what he’s said in the past, with the midfielder suggesting in 2013 that a return to Arsenal would be possible when his playing career comes to an end, but none of these articles have referenced it.

His contract with the Blues still has 18 months to run and there’s no indication he’s thinking about retirement, so taking two words out of context as a definitive proclamation really isn’t good journalism.

It makes for an easy soundbite, but it’s embarrassing to see so many publications falling for it. Fabregas is still a Chelsea player and hasn’t taken any steps towards getting his coaching badges, so it may be a while being he’s hanging up his boots.

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