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Why Fabregas doesn’t deserve to be booed!

Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League

Back in September 2003 a young Spanish lad at the tender age of sixteen joined Arsenal’s youth academy and flourished to be one of the best midfielders we ever had…Cesc Fabregas.

He was one of the best players we have ever bought, he was highly hyped up even at 16 but he lived up to everything that had been proclaimed about him from a young age. He started in the first team just over a months after he signed making him the youngest player to ever start for Arsenal.

Fabregas was a clean but raw talent, he needed to polish his technical abilities but it was clear even then that he was a special player with bundles of potential. By 2004 he had signed a new long term deal and was a regular member of the first team after the departure of Vieira.

Over the eight years of his career Fabregas gave his all, he never once shirked away from the responsibilities that were placed upon him at such a young age, he strived in every game to do the best he can and we were better with him in the team.

He left Arsenal in 2011 to return home to his boyhood club, something I think most footballers would dream of especially when that team is Barcelona. It’s true there were some rumours at the time and years after the transfer that Fabregas had demanded a transfer, refused to play and Wenger contributed £6mil towards the deal, these rumours were never confirmed by the club as far as I’m aware so I don’t see them to be true.

We had an opportunity to sign Fabregas back this summer and Wenger turned down the opportunity because he had Ozil in his position so didn’t need him-even though we play Ozil wide now so that argument is irrelevant but we still turned down Cesc.

So why do we years later boo the player that once gave so much, Fabregas wasn’t disloyal, he spent 8 years at Arsenal. He left to go to his home team not to join a Premier League rival like some others in recent years, it wasn’t a money move either although the bigger wages must have helped, he has never slagged off Arsenal or the fans and even still on Sunday after the game when he was booed he still spoke of his love for us.

“I have huge respect and I take it in a positive way. I know they love me and it is all because we were together once. Sometimes, circumstances mean these things can happen. But I have always said it – I am not scared. They will always be in my heart forever.”

Fabregas doesn’t deserved to be booed, I’m not saying to cheer on the opposition but don’t boo him and then cheer on Wenger the very man who turned him down and where the fault really lies.

For me I’ll always remember that Fabregas once threw pizza at Alex Ferguson and he he deserves to be cheered for that at the very least.

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