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Why Arsenal shouldn’t swap Ozil for Carvalho


We live in a world of social media and technology but the last few days I thought back to the times when Arsenal lost before all of this technology came out and I realised something, there was still all the same people saying the same silly things but the difference is you didn’t get to hear it all or read it, you only had your mates opinion or a pundits to compare it to.

I do love social media but sometimes the tweets or statuses that are put into the world are just beyond a joke. The latest ‘debate’ to emerge on Twitter was selling Ozil for Carvalho in January, for me this debate doesn’t make sense. Why would you want to sell Ozil?

Cast your mind back to the last day of the transfer window when we signed Ozil, that was a dream signing for 99% of Gunners and just over a year later there are people calling for him to be sold.


Until he goes back to a central role we will not get the best from Ozil, this doesn’t mean he is ‘shit’ as some people are describing him today it just means that’s not where his talent lies.

He can play wide really well for Germany but they play completely different football to us so he will be able to use the people around him in a more creative way. He’s not used to playing wide for us yet, he might improve in a few games if Wenger persists with this formation.

I’ll admit Ozil isn’t in the form he was at Real Madrid but that more to do with the difference in quality between the two teams, he came from playing With Ronaldo and Di Maria to playing with Giroud and Sanago, it’s a big big change for him. He needs a decent forward ahead of him or surrounding him with paceful players like he was at Real, that will be what improves Ozil and increases his creativity. I know who I’d prefer to be playing with if I was a professional footballer and it wouldn’t be Sanago.

He’s had a year to adjust to the difference in football and he has had a few unsettled moments but give the lad a chance. He has bundles of potential, we’ve seen glimmers of what he can do and the performances he put in during the World Cup were fantastic. He could do that with us if we persevered.

A player like Ozil doesn’t deteriorate in talent overnight, there are many factors probably contributing but I honestly think the best is yet to come from him.

That being said I would love for Carvalho to join the team, he would be the ideal replacement for Flamini and Arteta. We desperately need a player of his type and he is perfect for what we need.

Wenger is look for his new Vieira or Petit and Carvalho is that in a nutshell. He is a big powerhouse, a solid physique, great stamina and extremely tough, his tackles are concise and of course he can hold the ball and run with it. He is still young too so there is so much potential to harvest from him in the future. If Wenger wasn’t willing to spend on him then Wanyama would also be a really great but slightly less expensive option.

We need a defensive midfielder desperately but we also need Ozil too, he is our most expensive signing so there should be some real effort put in by Wenger to make sure he gets the best from Ozil and that ultimately might mean sacrificing his favourites to put him back where he belongs.

Of course I could be wrong and Ozil could just be playing for the wrong team but I’m confident that he will end up being one of the best we have ever had.

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