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Why are we STILL waiting for Wenger to sign a defensive midfielder?

Ours for £12m Miguel Veloso

Ours for £12m "Miguel Veloso"

I cant understand why Wenger is STILL yet to sign a defensive midfielder?

Having ALLOWED Flamini, Diarra and Gilberto to leave last summer Wenger like a mug failed to replace them and went against many fans and football pundits advice.

NO Wenger playing Nasri as a defensive player is not going to work. And Denilson and Cesc cant play next to each other in a 4-4-2…Maybe this is why you keep playing that 4-5-1 bollocks.

It was clear to all that we badly missed a ball winner last summer.

Poor Cesc suffered the most.

Next to Flamini the gifted Cesc could express himself and get forward and score goals. Last season Cesc was just limp without a ball winner next to him. Somebody who can just win the ball and give it to him and say “there you go son, Take the ball and work your magic”…It was clear to people that know something about the game that this was the reason WHY Arsenal finished more then 20pts behind the champions Man Utd.

I was convinced that Wenger would address his mistake this summer and sign a defensive hard nut.


Having made a half hearted attempt to sign Melo by offering Eboue in part exchange Wenger confirmed on Wednesday night that “we are not close to signing anybody at the moment”

Wenger then went on and insulted the fans again but giving us all that bollocks about how Rosicky and Eduardo are back and are like 2 new signings. What a load of shit that is…So Mr Wenger, When Nasri come back from his broken leg, Will he be like a new signing : /

This is just crazy..

He had ALL of last season and ALL of this summer to address this problem and STILL we wait.

WHY are still waiting for this key area to be covered? Surly he should of signed this player a long time ago and given him a chance to play with us in friendly’s before the season starts.

We missed out on Melo for the same reason we missed out on alonso & inler last season. Wenger didn’t want to pay the going rate.

It looks like its going to be the same shit this summer.

Well you know what that means…fuck off for us again and another depressing season for the fans…

But as long as we make a profit wenger is happy..RIGHT


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