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Why 4-1-4-1 just isn’t working



We have now had 7 competitive games upon which to base any opinions on in the 2014/2015 season. We have had 3 Champions League games and also 4 League games, all of which have been completely and utterly disappointing.

This season would appear to have seen a switch to a 4-1-4-1 formation with the much coveted role of Central Defensive Midfielder going to the completely inadequate Mikel Arteta. Shockingly also given the club captaincy before the season began.

This new system also requires the need for two pacey fast wingers. One signed in the shape of Alexis Sanchez who many fans had hoped would be striking competition for Olivier Giroud, only to find that he isn’t quite comfortable in England, given he has only just arrived, we can all cut him some slack in that department. The other winger would appear to the the worlds best attacking midfielder in Mesut Ozil, yes that’s right. An Attacking midfielder playing as a winger.

Crazy right.

There is also the question of lacking in firepower up front. Danny Welbeck signed on deadline day is yet to score for Arsenal and appears to be significantly short of  match fitness given he’s suffered cramp in both games he’s played for the gunners. Meanwhile in the heart of midfield we have our very own crown jewels in Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey who seem to cancel each other, one idiot on social media comparing them to Lampard and Gerrard, personally I find that somewhat offensive that they think Jack or Aaron are as fat as Lampard.

But clearly the failure to sign apt defensive cover in the last 4 months has been exploited. With Monreal injured and Chambers suffering from Tonsilitis, Debuchy unfortunately sidelined for a short period of times, Arsenals incompetence in the transfer market has again been exposed.

A Central defensive midfielder and a defender were needed, yet neither were delivered. Instead resorting to putting players in positions that they do not fit into. This is nothing more than shambolic management and incompetence at best. It was said after Arsenals FA Cup win that this was a springboard, an opportunity to go forward and start a new era at Arsenal.

This clearly has not been the case. Papering over the cracks would appear to be a more suitable likeness.

How hard can it be to comprehend. Borrussia Dortmund lost Robert Lewandowski, replaced him with Ciro Immobile. Serie A top scorer last season. We lost Robin Van Persie and have signed 4 strikers since with no real result. Meanwhile Immobile enjoyed a 50 yard sprint unchallenged against Arsenal to show he is more than capable of performing at Europe’s top table.

All in all, things need to change, the formation, the squad selection, how much longer can we go on for? But two glaring statistics read more than anything.

Prior to Dortmund, Arsenal had conceded every first shot on target this season. And out of 7 games in a competitive nature, Arsenal have only won two, that’s right


Let that sink in and then think about whether we have really had a good summer or not since winning the FA Cup





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