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Who has the better transfer policy. Arsenal,AC Milan or Man Utd?

Three teams with totally different transfer ways and principles, today we ask who has the better transfer policy?

Arsenal & Arsene Wenger likes developing his youth players and hardly signs a player over 30, Wenger also allows players to leave after they reach that magic age of 30. Players like Sol Campbell, Pires, & Gilberto allowed to quit the club for nothing, as Wenger would rather give a younger player a chance. No doubt the Arsenal system works and they have developed some fantastic players over the years. Player’s like Cesc, Walcott & Vela are regarded by some as the best young players in the game. Arsenal also make a huge profit ever year by selling players and replacing them with unknown talent who turn out to be a success, but is this policy working in regards to success on the pitch? Arsenal have recently signed Arshavin to add some experience to the side as it seemed that they were falling more behind the pack this season and in danger of missing out on champions league football.

Verdict : Arsenal have relied too much on youth over the past few seasons and this has cost them silverware, Arsenal need more players over 30 to give a overall balance to the team and to give some guidance to the younger players. 8/10

AC Milan
Now lets compare this policy to AC Milan, totally different to arsenal.

Milan seems to only want to sign players over 30 years old and have a team full of experienced internationals. Carlo Ancelotti seems to have a gift of getting players who many thought were finished a new lease of life. Players like Ronaldinho Beckham, Seedorf, Zambrotta, Pirlo. Add to that the odd young starlet like Pato and you have a good balance.

Verdict : Were Arsenal have too many kids, Milan have to many older players and again the balance is not right. 7/10

Man Utd

Its seems Man Utd have got it bang on when it comes to finding the right balance in the transfer market. Sir Alex Ferguson gives youth a chance when needed, Players like Rafael, Fabio & Welbeck have all impressed this season. And he is not scared to spend big on a player regardless of his age. Players like Berbatov, Tevez & Vidic have all come into the team and settled in to the playing style and given balance to the team. We have also seen this season that players like Giggs & Scholes can still do a job and are key in adding balance to the team.

Verdict : Perfect and it shows with rewards on and off the pitch. Top of the league, winning silverware nearly every year. The manger has got the balance right between youth and experience. 9/10

So out of the three the Man Utd system seems to be working best!

Do you agree with this?
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