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When Wenger leaves it will take years to rebuild


Arsene down and out

Right time for my say on the AFC affair after staying quiet on it all yesterday.

WE as a club, are in a NO WIN, situation currently, if we get rid of Wenger as we all want – well a growing majority want – we will have to accept a couple of seasons of transition – something i’m quite prepared and happy for, HOWEVER what happened to Moyes was the WORST thing to happen to us as a club, due to the fact it put the wind up our board members who were looking at maybe offering Wenger a way out from the bench into the boardroom itself, and after seeing how Moyes single handily (albeit with prob the WORST United squad he was left with, in over 25 years didn’t help) destroyed 25 years of work by Fergie there, decided to backtrack and jumped in with the ‘extended contract’, that Wenger ‘shook and accepted’ on back in the Autumn of 2013.

HOWEVER the fact that most fanbases are now ripping the crap out of us (Saints fans yesterday singing ‘One Ronald Koeman’ in obvious ref to the old Arsenal chant and now current AKB chant of ‘one Arsene Wenger’ and ‘you’re getting sacked in the morning’), shows how far backwards under Wenger we have now come – we’re NOT feared by anyone now and teams have worked out Wenger, as easy as switching on the kettle.

ALSO we lose either way now with Wenger at the helm, instead of him going at least 3 years ago – the board have shafted us right up the ‘Arse’ with keeping him on – if he goes now a new manager comes in, and transition, if he stays for the next two seasons after this season, opposing fans and clubs ARE STILL laughing due to how feeble and unchallenging, nor contentious in the Premier League and Europe we have become – so thank you to the spineless board members of Arsenal owing to you, we’re now screwed either way as a club and a football team for the next two seasons or more

(Danny Griffiths – formally of

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