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Whats wrong with our "FANS"?

Are Arsenal fans the thickest fans in the world?

Why cant they see whats really going on? Are they just too pig headed to admit it?

And why are we always told to go and support Man Utd whenever we say something about Wenger? Im an Arsenal fan and not an Arsene Wenger fan. Im not plastic, I just want the best for my club and its clear to me that this manager is not as great as people think.

Yes, Wenger, has done some good things for the club but to say he is the best thats ever happened to the club and without him we would be a small club… :roll: 

People have forgotten that we were a huge club before Wenger and we won titles under Graham and other managers.

Yes Wenger changed our playing style to a more attacking one but for all of that he weakend the defence. Wenger was lucky when he came to Arsenal, He had Adams Keown Winterburn Dixon and Seaman. All he did was add 1 / 2 players ( Vieira / Petit ) and he had a team.


I have the right to say something if i feel it. I pay my money towards the club and I have much as right as any other person. Just because some people might not agree with it, it doent mean people have the right to call you names or plastic or tell you to go and support a different club.

Lets make it clear: I want Arsenal and Wenger to do well, I dont want to come out and say “WENGER OUT” but the man is so stubborn and it makes me sick when he comes out with “We dont need to sign new players” when its clear we need a CB and a CM…Players we needed at the START OF LAST SEASON.

I said at the start of this season that we would finish outside the top 4 with this team. We would have if it was not for Villa falling apart towards the end of the season and allowing us to get into 4th place. This season was over for us before it even started. Wenger didnt even give us a chance by not NOT signing a replament for Flamini, Diarra and Gilberto and not signing a CB when it was clear thats why we needed. Oh wait, we did sign Silvestre :roll:

Of course I want Arsenal to do well but until Wenger starts to act on this and stops giving the fans all of the BS I will continue to air my opinions and YOU have the right to do so also. Dont let fans call you plastic for saying what you know is true, In fact you are more of a fan then them coz you have the bottle to come out and speak out when they are scared to do the same…


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