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What takes Arsenal so long to get the deal done?

Its seems to me like  its going to be a typically frustrating summer for Arsenal fans, But whats new?

We should be use to it by now, for the last few years its been pretty much of the same.

Wenger comes out and says “I have money to spend and I will be signing 2/3 World Class, Big. super super class players, and I want to do this fast”… then we wait and nothing? Linked with 200+ players, thanks to sites like caughtoffside who seem to make things up for the hell of it.

And then Wenger feeds us some more info on like “I will sign a player by the end of the World Cup” or “I will stay up till midnight on transfer deadline day to get the deals done”… and then what? nothing. A few days after the window is shut, he will comes out and says ” we came VERY VERY CLOSE to signing a player” .. BUT,what I wanna know is this?


To be honest Im just waiting for the “Djourou, Nordviet and Wilshere are like NEW signings” comment from Wenger.

Its seems to be the same transfer soap opera every summer. Remember the Baptista saga & Gorkan Inler, Nasri dragged on all summer, Arshavin the same after all that time we almost missed out.

The chamakh deal took over a year and now this koscielny deal is just dragging on and on and open in the press? Don’t arsenal do things behind close doors anymore?

At the rate we sign players it looks like this is going to be the lot.

What takes us so long? I can’t remember the last time we signed a player out of the blue.

How hard can it really be? Wenger must know the areas he wants and the players he wants by NOW? He has had long enough to identify the weakness. 90% of fans who watch every week could tell you what we need FFS!

Wenger really need to talk less about signings and do more to bring in player, IF he has his phone with him now lets hope he is talking to Joe Cole and a Keeper as well as Gary Cahill. OH that’s right, Wenger is too busy to sign new players as he is working for French TV. and he has forgot his phone hasnt he!!!

In the meantime, Spurs, Man City and co are working hard in bringing in new players.

WAKE UP ARSENE, Less then two weeks till the Barnet game. You do want our “NEW” signings to have time to adjust for the new season don’t you?

Even if we do sign koscielny in the next few days it still not good enough, We need 3/4 MORE players on top of him. But like I said, but the rate we sign players its never going to happen before the start of the season.

I hade hoped that Arsene would have sorted all this out weeks ago, So that the new players could fit in and have a good pre season and come the start of the season we would be ready.

But NO!…. Same old lies, same old Arsene!

I’m really cheesed off now, If they think Im going to be spending money on new kits then they can get lost!…More

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