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What is the reason for Arsenal’s injury list?

Arsenal Injuries


By the time I reach 50 (Which is a little while yet) I’d like to see Arsenal make it through one Premier League season without sustaining a serious injury to one of our main players.

As an amateur player myself and having broken my leg as well, I fully understand that injuries are a modern part of today’s game. At least if you sign for Arsenal it is more likely than not you will end up with a *insert medical issue of your choice* during your time with the club.

I spent 13 weeks off work when I splintered my tibia and only returned to playing football this year, albeit in a lesser capacity and with very little help from the Arsenal medical team. However it made me realise a little more the frustration a player suffers when they are injured and if you think it’s hard for us fans, try being the player. A broken bone is obviously quite severe but ligaments and all sorts else can sometimes be more painful and more likely to suffer a set back.

But the one thing that I have heard recently on social media and in general is how on earth do we get so many injuries at a club which is meant to have one of the best medical facilities and rehab centres in world football?

A strategic review was undertaken during the summer after it was pointed out to Arsene Wenger how poor his methods were in no uncertain terms and that he was more than likely responsible for most of the players exhaustion, burn out and ultimately, injury record.

He rebuffed this claim only to appoint Shad Forsythe who is now sadly bearing the brunt of some morons who cannot understand the workings of the human body and elite athletes. He’s not been with us long enough to have had that significant an impact on the players, if anything, what we are seeing currently is an awkward tail ending to the poor methods and somewhat dated approach from Arsene.

How can we be so sure? Anybody who knows other authors on this site will know of the story today from Youth Academy head Jonker who has said Wenger won’t allow him to do what he needs and that the youth system and scouting network needs a complete overhaul to improve the team. Did anybody else realise that Kieran Gibbs in 2011 was our last decent youth product to make the first eleven?

So we can apply some of this thinking to the situation with injuries. I asked this doctor if she could explain all of the injuries?

Injury List

Exactly. The simple fact is nobody knows what is causing the issues and the problems. With Ozil joining a star studded line up in the treatment room we now have more first team players we could field on crutches than we do on the pitch without medical support.

Our season was derailed last year when we lost Aaron Ramsey in the boxing day match against West Ham. Thankfully Jack Wilshere has managed to stay clear of obliterating his ankle so far this season (touch wood) but at this rate he looks like he might end up captaining the side with the likes of Chuba Akpom not far off a starting slot surely?

Ultimately we may have to wait till we are into next season before we can tell if Shad Forsythe’s methods have had a positive impact or whether Arsenal really are just the unluckiest club in world football when it comes to injuries.


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