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#WengerOut.. And he only has himself to blame



So the start of a fresh new season. But lets be honest how many of you where looking forward to it?

A summer of lies & spin have left the fans feeling frustrated and let down even before a ball was kicked.

And today we got just what we deserved. And as predicted, as soon as it started to go wrong the fans turned on Arsene inside the stadium and turned on each other with reported fighting between Arsenal fans inside the stadium.

But what did you expect? Ivan Gazidis came out at the start of the transfer window and informed the world that times have changed and that Arsenal were going to show our spending power this summer and bring in the best players. And at times this summer i fell for the spin and lies. Linked with Higuain and then blowing him out and bidding £40m and 1pound for Suarez thinking that would trigger a buyout clause that didn’t exist. So we missed out on Higuain and made ourselves look like mugs. Wonderful! but dont worry we signed a young french lad on a free to make up for it.

This summer the  fans have been told by Gazidis and WENGER, and all the ITK plebs on twitter,  that we have money to spend and lots if it. And having released over 20 players and made around £10m from player sales. Arsenal went into the start of the new season spending £0… Not a single penny. The fans at today’s game spent more money on the match day program then the club have spent this summer on new signings to make the team stronger.

We are down to bare bones with players and the season has JUST started.

Why didn’t we get our signings done early? Wenger said that we are in the same boat as Man Utd and CFC as the market is slow and they are having problems signing. But both clubs have not finished 4th for the past 2 years and have won leagues and CL recently. We have not won anything and only just finished 4th. So you cant compare us with them. But if you want to compare then shall we look at Spurs? Spending over £55m this summer on decent signings. They seem to be able to get the deals done Arsene.

This is not a knee jerk reaction. For people that know us on twitter and the Facebook page or even this blog over the years would know that Arsenal Action has been calling for Arsene to go for a very long time.

Arsene has to go and the sooner the better. You cant defend this lack of spending anymore. At a recent AGM it was made public that Arsene has the final say on ALL transfers and that the club will NOT spend on players if Arsene doesn’t feel the valuation isn’t right. And this is the ONLY reason why we have missed out on so many players.

I know its hard for some people to accept because Arsene has done amazing things for the club in the past. I know you want to think its Stan, Ivan and even Dick Law who are all to blame but its not.

All those deluded Arsenal fans still refusing to accept Wenger’s the problem, answer me this.  He’s had months to prepare for this season, and done nothing. No new signings, no new tactics. Who picks the team? Who agreed to sell Van Persie to Man Utd. Who signed Santos, Park, Chamakh, Gervinho? Who agreed to reward players like Bendtner on massive contracts?.. its the same old bullshit from a manager on £7m a years.. Outrageously bad management

This has been going on for years. But this summer was Arsene’s final chance and he has blown it… I know some of you will say that the transfer window shuts on the 2nd Sept and we should judge him then. But the season started TODAY and we was not ready and paid the price. I dont want to keep judging Arsene at the end of the transfer window or at the end of another season.

We need to make a stand.. The board wont sack him and its down to the fans to protest.

The BSM have there own agenda and don’t wont to protest or have anything to do with a Wenger Out movement. Which is fine and respected.

The AST are a joke summed up by Tim Payton who has tweeted all summer that “good things come to those who wait” and that big signings are coming and that all Arsenal fans should be “patient”…BOLLOCKS!

Enough is enough and something needs to happen.

SO we on Arsenal Action along with many other groups are going to protest to get this changed

Visit our Facebook Event Page for more details for Arsenal fans based in the UK. Details, Dates TBC in good time.

For our other fans across the world who cant attend a protest then please sign this online petition and share our page and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We need change at Arsenal and only fans can make it happen.

We need Kroenke, Gazidis & Wenger OUT, Usmanov, Dein and Klopp IN. Its really that simple, and until then NOTHING will change.

And if you think we are alone… Watch this

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