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Wenger throws his teddy bear out of the pram

After being crucified by the Arsenal shareholders and for the first time in 13 years the fans are now starting to question Arsene Wenger, how has he reacted? By throwing his teddy bear out of his pram and sulking.

Now Wenger has used the media to get his own back on the Arsenal fans who doubted him by suggesting that he would be interested in moving to Real Madrid, how pathetic.

So We don’t have the right to question wenger without him threatening to walk off? We don’t have the right to say ” this is not good enough ” without Puff daddy Hill wood coming out and slagging off the fans? We don’t have the right to question Wengers tactics and lack of signings without an online petition?

What makes wenger above criticism? Why cant we as fans say how we feel without the chairman and the manager telling us to button it ? What Wenger has done is a masterstroke. He knows full well that he is staying at Arsenal until 2011 and now he has got a number of fans questioning him, he has basically said  ” Don’t doubt me or I will walk away” Basically trying to scare us.

Well go on then Wenger, Leave and join Real Madrid! I’m sure your 10 year project will go down very well. I’m sure they will be delighted when you come out and say “judge this team in 2015 to them. Go 4 seasons without winning anything at Real Madrid…In fact go 1 season without winning anything at Real Madrid and see how they treat you.

Lets get this clear..Wenger has been a LUCKY manager at Arsenal. He was lucky to have a rock solid defence when he arrived and he was lucky with a few signings with rejects in Italy like  Vieira and Henry that turend out to be superstars.

People say ” Who was Arsenal before Wenger” Well let me tell you that Arsenal have always been a great club. and with George Graham they had a manager who was even better in the transfer market then Wenger. Would Wenger had signed players in the lower league like Dixon and Bould and turned them into great players? Would Wenger had signed Ian Wright at 28? NO!!!

So Mr Wenger if you want to leave and join Madrid good luck to you, but remember this..There board and fans wont be as tolerant and as patient as us gooners. YES you are getting some stick now and rightly so..DEAL with it like a MAN!


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