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Wenger tells the Arsenal fans MORE lies!

Well well well….

He has done it again.

What makes me laugh is how thick some of you gooners are.

Wenger says we got too many defenders which is why he is letting Toure go…….. so why the f** did he buy one in Thomas vermaelen?

So if we have too many defenders and that’s the reason for selling Toure that means he wont be signing a replacement defender as we are going to be back at square one with 7 defenders!

Wenger is lying to us all again, wake up arsenal supporters. Something stinks and I don’t like it one bit.

Wenger is running my club like a supermarket.

Why are some of you gooners allowing this to happen? Why cant you see whats really going on?

How can you trust this man who lies to us?

We have sold 2 players this summer to a team that are going to be fighting us for 4th place at best. Why are we making our rivals stronger and ourselves weaker for the sake of money?

Like i said a few weeks ago, Enjoy this coming season of Champions league football and Cesc being at the club. Come next season we wont be in the champions league and Cesc will be sold.

Some of you gooners need to wake up.


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