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Wenger takes your attention away.New Signings?,What New Signings?

Today Arsene Wenger played a blinder with the media.

He pulled something out the bag to takes your attention away from something else like “the lack of new summer signings”.

Lets make this clear, AW could of told us this “Great” news about him staying on at Arsenal at anytime…Why now?

Well its Wengers great deflection and decoy tactics

Its because we are about to go into a new season with only 3 CBs at the club. Two of which are Koscielny (who has never played in the EPL and has looked dogey in pre season)  and Djourou, (Who has looked even worst and has a worst injury record then Darren Anderton & has spent more time in the treatment room than on the pitch. And who would have guessed it, its out injured )

So basically we currently have 2 fit CBs.

Lets just compare that with our rivals

  • Arsenal (3) Vermaelen,Koscielny,Djourou
    Spurs (6) – Kaboul,Bassong,Dawson,Corluka,Woodgate,King.
    Man Utd (6) – Ferdinand,Brown,Smalling,Vidic,O’Shea,Evans
    Liverpool (5) -Aggerr,Kyrgiakoss,Carragherr,Skrtell,Wilson
    Man City (5) – Richards,Onuoha,Lescott,Kompany,Boatengg

Yes I accept that Alex Song could play at CB but then who covers him and plays DM? We dont have a back up DM for Song. And yes we also have Young players likeNordtveitt or GavinHoytee but both are not ready. What if Vermaelenn gets injured? Then what?… Its not back luck when a player gets injured. Players cant go the whole season as proved and you need good back up players. We are down to bare bones “AND THE SEASON HASNT EVEN STARTED YET”

I’m not even going to say anything about the fact that we didn’t address the GK problem this summer as I feel this CB issue is more important.

So we are about to kick off the new season with the same weak GKs as last season and with 4 CBs gone this summer and only 1 in we are 3 CBs lighter then last season.. so who thinks we are stronger this season?

And let me just talk about Wengers NEW deal to stay on as manager?….Ermmmm WHY? What has he done since 2005? We are basically rewarding him for failing.

But wait, this is Arsenal we are talking about.  Our board care more about making a profit then winning anything, no wonder they will offer Arsene a new contract. he makes more money then he spends. That is great for the share holders but shite for the fans. If you haven’t got money just come and say so, and I will admire the half decent team you managed to assemble, but do not come out and say we have money for transfers and then nothing happens when we well know we need to get some.

Like I keep saying, Its going to be a very long season.

Sinbad – debate this more on the forum

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