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Wenger Picked the Wrong Team vs. Man Utd

I know he didn’t have much other choice, but he truly picked the wrong team. Why can’t Wenger see that Adebayor is completely and utterly useless, especially against teams like Man Utd that have such strong defenses. Bendtner may not be able to finish but at least he has a first touch! and can pass!

All I can say is that Arsenal and Arsene owe us a performance next Tuesday at the Emirates.

Match Ratings:

Almunia: One of only a couple good displays, some amazing saves, kept us in it. 8

Sagna: Once again, below his average performance. 6

Silvestre: Looked really up for it against his old club, but his heading is school boy like, and his mistake caused the goal. But by no means a bad performance. 6.5

Toure: Well done Kolo. Very energetic and determined, and kept the back 4 together. 7

Gibbs: I really have to take my hat off. He’s 19, and had to mark Cristiano Ronaldo. He marked him out of the damn game, well done son, keep it up. 8

Walcott: Glimpses of potential, but Man Utd obviously saw him as the main threat, and shut him down. 6.5

Song: Did quite well in the first, fell apart in the second. 6

Nasri: Very quiet, but certainly worked very hard, well done Sam. 7

Diaby: Worked well to win the ball back when he lost it but other than that complete crap. Pass the fucking ball!!! 4.5

Cesc: Another one that Man Utd closed down quickly, but did get a couple shots in and worked hard. 7

Adebayor: Also crap, as usual. No first touch, no passing ability, did absolutely nothing but give the ball straight back to Utd. I hope he scores as many goals as possible so that his price goes up for the summer! 3


Bendtner: Average, didn’t make a difference. 5

Eduardo: Came on and won a free kick straight away, Bendtner missing a free header. He should be leading our attack, not the brainless Adebayor. 6.5

For next week we really must start two strikers if we want to have any chance of winning. Eduardo and van Persie would be my choice, with Bendtner and Vela on the bench. Hopefully Djourou will be able to play to give us the height we need back there, and please, please, please DO NOT play Diaby. Just no Diaby or Adebayor and we’ll be fine. Hell, if we didn’t have either of them we might have scored today! They are liabilities

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