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WENGER OUT!! And he can take the THICK Arsenal fans with him!!!

Surprise surprise Wenger gets the tactics wrong YET again as we are humiliated again. 1st off, Why did we play 4-5-1 again when its doesn’t work for us? And IF you are going to play 4-5-1 Mr Wenger may i suggest a big powerful striker to lead the line vs Terry and Alex rather then RVP? in recent games we have let in 4 goals vs Liverpool, 3 vs ManUtd and now 4 again vs Chelsea. ALL playing 4-5-1 and ALL with Song ( Our defensive ROCK!! ).

But Wenger knows best! Who are we to question the great Wenger? The man who can turn blood into red wine. The man who can walk on water.

Every time we say something about the great Wenger we are called plastics and told to go and support Man Utd, So i hope the “in wenger we trust brigade” sleep well tonight known you are as much to blame for our worst run of winning a mayor trophy for 20 years, you bunch of clueless muppet’s.

I think Arsenal have the thickest fans in the world as they cant see whats really going on and are still dreaming that wenger will lead us into glory with this magnificent bunch of kids with the amazing spirit and mental strength. And of course wenger you don’t need to spend in the summer.

This bunch of players are just fine…And of course next season we will have Rosicky back who will be like a new signing. You are a joke wenger, And the fans who support you are are joke.

I trust the wenger clan will now attack me ( YAWN ) But you know what they say, The truth hurts. WENGER OUT …and he cant take the thick Arsenal fans with him…

Enjoy my video to the the great wenger LINK

and see you on the forum


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