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Wenger: No Fabregas regrets-but do the fans feel the same?

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has this weekend reiterated that he does not have any regrets over the decision not to sign Cesc Fabregas this summer.

The Ex-Gunners captain signed for Chelsea after Arsene Wenger turned down the opportunity to bring him back to the club. This decision was much debated about by the fans but the reason Wenger gave in the summer was suitable enough to keep most of the fans happy and that reason was we had Ozil in that position.

Since then Wenger has preferred to play Ozil wide and meanwhile we are completely weakened through the middle especially in a defensive midfield role which has invalidated his original argument for not signing Cesc because he can cover most roles in midfield better than anyone we currently have.

Injuries have played a big part in our recent lack of form and consistent mistakes but they are no longer unpredictable but yet still ill-prepared for. In hindsight signing Fabregas would have been extremely helpful right now, especially with Arteta and Flamini flagging a bit. With Wenger’s crazy notion to play Ozil wide Fabregas could have slotted into the middle perfectly and provided great support for him.

In every aspect of our game I think he could have been the signing that would knitted everything together perfectly and provided us with that midfield strength and cover that we have needed since he left.

Instead we have had to watch one of our old faithful go to a rival club and excel with every game that he plays. Was it really worth letting someone with his ability to go?

I’ve heard all the rumours surrounding Fabregas’ exit from the club, the refusal to play, the contribution of funds towards transfer but for a guy who speaks so fondly of the club and credits them for how he turned out as a footballer the actions don’t match the thoughts that he expresses. I agree he shouldn’t have watched Formula one instead of Arsenal on the last day of the season but is that enough of a reason to not sign him?

Football is a professional sport and sometimes you have to forget the personal stuff and sign who is best for the team. Fabregas slated Mourinho many a time quite publicly and yet he still signed him because he knew he would be effective on the pitch. Do you think we’ve never signed a player who was a Spurs fan as a kid? it’s on the same level of maturity as that.

I don’t think many fans will get to May and still be happy we didn’t bring him back to the club, many of us remember the eight great years he gave us and that could have been emanated in his return this year.

This could go down as one of Wenger’s biggest mistakes yet, especially if Chelsea win the league based on Fabregas’ contribution. If Ozil is continued to play wide or fails to live up to his reputation or even leaves the club then it will look like another wasted opportunity for the club to improve.

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