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Wenger needs to stop playing Eduardo and Bendnter as wingers

This was posted on our forum (HERE)

Over the years wenger has found new positions for players and converted them into different areas. Like petit, signed as a centre half and wenger made a defensive ball winner.

Lauren was signed as a centre mid and Wenger converted him into a right back, Henry signed as a winger and wenger made him the best striker in the world.

But having said that wenger has recently got it wrong with some players.. I cant understand why he keeps playing Eduardo and Bendtner on the flanks?.

Wenger also did this with Wiltord who we signed as was given the title of the new ian wright..Wiltord like Eduardo was a very good finisher, but wenger played him on the wings and was wasted..I can see the same thing happending with Eduardo.

I ask you this, would you play robbie flowler, Owen, or Defoe, or even Ian wright on the wing?

These players are box finishers,you cant ask them to play on the wing, its the same with Bendnter, he is a target man and asking a big 6 ft plus player who is a beast in the air to play on the wing is just wrong.

Fundamentally Wenger needs to finally put a stop to this utter nonsense of playing good players in alien positions.

I also remember seeing Diaby play on the left wing and Nasri as our ball winner, Baptista on the wing.

Eboue is a half decent fullback, he can play at right midfield if we are desperate but shouldn’t be expected to play anywhere else on the pitch as he in not capable of doing so.

For Wenger to now continue this and not even play Bendnter as the central striker in any of this seasons games is just crazy! Bendtner just isnt a winger and the same for Eduardo.

Just because the likes of Petit and Lauren had the intelligence to adapt and excell in new roles,doesnt mean that every player will.

Diaby,Eboue,Bendtner,Eduardo will never be wingers. End Arshavin a winger?.

Arsene has to stop trying to make wingers our of the players who cant get into the team.

Play your best players in their best and you will get the best out of them.

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