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Wenger needs to sit the kids down and give them a good telling off!

Arsenal’s super “KID” Jack Wilshere who was arrested last week for a GBH, was also “apparently” trying to take pictures up women’s SKIRTS with his mobile. The Sun reports

Well, Im not saying  what Jack Wilshere allegedly done was acceptable, but lets remember that he is 18 years old. And I put my hand up and admit that I did pretty much the same in my youth, and far worse.

But saying that I was not playing for Arsenal FC.

Add the Wilshere arrest to a list of embarrassing incidents by our youngguns, including the arrest of Jay Emmanuel-Thomas. Nicklas Bendtner leaving a club drunk with his trousers round his ankles.

Something is going wrong with the kids at Arsenal?  Have they been hyped up to much and the fame has gone to there heads? Maybe. The Arsenal kids are under a crazy amount of publicity and pressure.

Every young player we have at the club is hyped up by Youth team  blogs to be the next Liam Brady and the new Dennis Bergkamp. Personally I don’t think that it is right and our young players should be kept out of the spotlight, and I’m sure Arsenal FC feel the same way.

Wenger needs to sit the likes of Wilshere and JET down and give them a good telling off and warn them that there footballing future might not be as bright as they think it is. Things can change fast in football, remember Lee Sharpe at Man Utd?

What the younger players at Arsenal need to remember is this, its most of our dreams to be given the chance to play for Arsenal. Not for the money or the fame or for the girls or flash cars. But for the dream of running out onto the pitch and wearing that red and white shirt. YOU have that dream in the palm of your hands, don’t screw it up for a few drinks and being jack the lad.

Trust me its alot harder when you have to work 50 hrs a week for £17,000 a year.

Wenger and Brady need to start being a bit more heavy handed with our kids and people need to stop hyping them up and making them feel bigger then what the actually are.


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