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Wenger knows? I’m starting to think he is mental. Maybe its time for him to go?


Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger



By Jason Goldstein 
Gooners used to say, “Arsene knows” or “ In Arsene we trust” after his recent bizarre decisions and statements I’m starting to think he is mental or on drugs.

First Wenger decided to leave out in form players like Arshavin, Nasri & Song for Diaby and go with a negative 4-5-1. By doing so he wasted Robin Van Persie on the wing and left Adebayor totally isolated up front. 

And NOW Wenger has stated that he still things that Arsenal can win the league. 

Wenger warns Rafa: Arsenal can leapfrog Liverpool – and even win the league

So that explains our poor showing on Saturday then.

How the hell can you spend £27 mill for Arshavin and Nasri to play about ten minutes in one of the most important games of the season so far?!

What has wenger been smoking? Is he losing the plot? Is it now time for us to start thinking about a replacement for a manager who has not won anything since 2005?

Lets be honest if Wenger was at a big Spanish club he would have been sacked a long time ago.

So why are we putting up with this? 

Because Wenger gives us the illusion that the youth of tomorrow is the answer, and in the next few years we will become world leaders.

I’m starting to think that Wenger is full of bulls##t 

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