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Wenger is NOT god!!! In Arsene We Trust? Give me a break

“Arsenal Fans” who will stick by wenger and never say a bad world about him. Even when its clear that he has made many mistakes.

Wenger is now under pressure and it is showing. At times he is starting to become an embarrassment to the club with his childish spiteful ways.

I hate the fact that he just cant put his hands up and say “we got beat by the better team” without blaming the ref, or international fixtures or other issues.

Wenger will never admit that maybe “HE” is to blame and that’s the problem. He seems to think that he is some sort of religious guru of football and the problem for us Arsenal fans is that there is a group of wenger lovers who think that he can do no wrong and is GOD!

The board love wenger, The problem is that Wenger has taken the CLUB forward but the TEAM backwards in recent years.

Wenger now seems to care more about balancing the books then anything. Wenger has turned this club into a youth hostel.

I agree that Tony Adams should have been given a role at the club. Along with Keown and Bergkamp.

The problem is this. Wenger has got a team of “YES MEN” people like Pat Rice who just seem to sit on the bench and nod there head at everything that wenger says. None of them have the balls to question wenger or have the skills to become the next number 1.

Wenger has made himself unsackable & when fans take all those “In Arsene We Trust” signs to matches and have pointless idiotic “we worship Arsene Wenger” marches through the streets of London. Some of the fans are to shoulder some of the blame for Wenger’s arrogance and disrespect for the fans.

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