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Wenger irks fan with latest interview


Arsenal fans are used to the infamous quotes that Wenger gives every year in interviews and often we find them amusing, we especially like the way he can wind up other people with the things he says but when it is the fans on the receiving end of another one of his delusional speeches you have consider whether he has lost all consideration for the people that support the team?

Gooners are used to frustrating summers, we’ve spent the last 4 watching our best talent being sold from under our feet and replaced with players of a diminished ability in comparison but this summer was meant to be different. The last few months of the season were full of bragging by Wenger and Gazidis of the funds we had to spend and there was insistence that there would be additions to the team, so why are we sitting here approaching August with a few young ones banked in the future player fund, no new first team players and Wenger gave the same interview yesterday, you know-the one he gives every year saying that he is ‘no closer to signing anyone’ and ’the team can compete for the title with or without new signings’.

We have been linked to many players throughout the summer and there have been so many signings and medicals that I’m sure Diaby has made great friends with Higuain and Jovetic during the summer whilst also renewing his friendship with Cesc. but the pursuit of Suarez is the strangest attempt I have ever seen from Wenger mainly because of his lack of man management skills, if he can’t handle the likes of Song, Arsharvin and Bendnter who are angels in comparison how does he ever expect to coach the player with the worst behaviour in the Premiership.

Bad behaviour aside Suarez is a great player and in terms of talent he is better than anything we have, there is no denying that but he is a huge risk and I just don’t see Liverpool selling to us when they know that could make all the difference to where both teams will finish in the Premiership next year. Suarez has indicated that he despises the English press and wants to move away from England altogether and all these factors point to him either staying at Anfield or going Real Madrid and I think Wenger knows this and used this situation to his advantage and attempted to appease some fans by making a bid that they won’t follow through.

Wenger is currently standing in a sweetshop full of the best quality sweets to buy and his theory is to go for the penny sweets and save the rest of the money for the piggy bank at home! I think there are many fans who are growing tired of his nonsense excuses and justification all the time. How can we believe this man when all he does is insist a team who scraped 4th last season will finish above all of those teams around us who are strengthening every week. He is either an extreme optimist bordering on delusion or he is desperately trying to not to expose himself as the tactically inept and weak manager he has become, either way his shortcomings will be laid bare for us all to see this season should we sign no-one.

I know Wenger’s fans will still describe him as the greatest manager in the world but that is simply not true. I can agree what he achieved at Arsenal a few years back was amazing but I’m starting to think that was the team and the people he had behind him because if he was the greatest manager in the world he’d be able to coach ANY team to victory and he has failed to do that.

We are 20 days away from starting the new Premiership season and 36 days away from the end of the transfer window and I foresee another year where we will have to fight another season out. I honestly can’t see Wenger keeping his job much longer without new squad members, I for one will be taking an ‘I’ll spend when you do stance if this happens’.

Thank you as always for reading and feel free to comment!

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