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Wenger in…. Wenger out and shake it all about


So that nefarious question should Wenger stay or should he go is upon us again?

It’s a hard one really its not a simplistic question that can easily be followed by a yes or no, it has to be carefully thought about.

I have been generally in the in Wenger we trust camp like a good little Gooner, so you may think me writing to say that Wenger should stay is swayed on this.

But in truth I think Wenger should stay for another season, it would be nice for his last season to end with a few trophies and give us more time to find a good replacement.

Arsene Wenger has done a lot of good for Arsenal and I have always respected him.

But the problem arises is his stubborn attitude towards transfers and tactics, but I think Wenger does deserve respect and should at least be given a chance of one more season and it would be a fitting end to Wenger’s reign at arsenal if we achieved something otherwise he will leave on a low.

But the question is does Wenger deserve a second chance? I am of the opinion that he has done a lot at Arsenal but of course it hasn’t all been plane sailing.

In a fair and fabulous world Wenger will stay on for a year and have a brilliant season and then we will get Klopp.

I just hope that when time comes the board think about it and make the right preparations.

So yes Wenger should stay on for at least a year and take it from there, we can’t be like Chelsea and sack Wenger and just sign anybody- Arsenal need to be smart, they need to make a right choice and have a full plan.

I’ve always said that replacing Wenger will be hard, I would like a manager who keeps the same style as we play now and improve it, rather than change it completely.

So why should Wenger stay?

– We cannot ignore that we haven’t won a trophy in a long time, but we have always qualified for the Champions League.
-At the moment there is a shortage of top managers, Jürgen Klopp is happy at Dortmund and so are most good managers so in a way better the devil you know
-Wenger has done pretty well this season considering the squad we have, not to say we don ‘t have a decent squad we don’t have an elite group of strikers like Manchester City have.
-and of course look at Manchester United how quickly they fell apart and finally everyone realised how poor the squad really was. If or when Wenger decides to go, we need to make right decision. -and not to forget Wenger is very popular overseas and is respected.

So its not really the question if we should get rid of Wenger its about being smart. Wenger has made mistakes, but he has been a good manager and it cannot hurt to give him another chance.

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