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Wenger has turned this club into a farm

Wenger and the board have turned this club into a farm, Since 2005 our manager has sold the clubs best players without investing that money back into the team.

Wenger has admitted in the past that the club has to sell one high profile player each summer to enable him to buy & the club to pay down debt.

In the scheme of things Wenger has been successful, the club’s target is clearly Champions League  football every season to that end Wenger has delivered, no argument with that.

The problem is that most fans want to see trophies, after all isn’t that what supporting a “big” club is all about? isn’t that what the fans pay over £1000 on a season ticket to see?

Every summer Wenger sells our best players without investing that Money back into the team. We could all see at the start of LAST season that we needed 3/4 players. But what did Wenger do? Sold Toure and Adebayor and banked the money. Soon Cesc will join the long list of players Arsenal/Wenger has sold for a massive profit, Adebayor, Toure, Hleb, Henry, Vieira, Overmars, Petit, Anelka.

I really cant blame Cesc for wanting to leave Arsenal. When Wenger had a chance of signing Alonso he missed out because he didnt want to spend that extra few £m. We have needed a goalkeeper for 2 seasons but yet Wenger sticks with a pair of clowns. We sell our best players and replace them with the licks of Silvestre.

Just think what we would have won if we didn’t sell those players?

And the future? Who is next to leave? Van persie? Arshavin? Vermaelen? Maybe all 3…£100m profit and maybe we will still finish 4th!

In arsene we trust!!!


By Sinbad – Join our forum and show the Arsenal board that we need change  ( HERE )

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