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Wenger confirms he is a mad stubborn,out of touch,deluded fool

its time for the fans to protest!

And just like i have been saying for a very long time. Many of you used to blame the board for not giving wenger the money, Many of you have tried to defend this stubborn weed of a manager.

But today the Arsenal manager confirmed to the world that he has lost the plot and is a stubborn out of touch deluded fool.

After selling the longest serving player and experienced center back and a player who has scored over 40 goals in 2 seasons to our rivals for 4th place, Wenger told and i quote

“We do not need any more new signings, In England people think that all the problems can be sorted out by buying players. I believe the biggest target is to work hard in training, improve what we can improve and have confidence in the players that we have” “If we need to add then we will. We have money available so for us it is now [important] to spend it in the right way when we do it or IF we do it.”

The words of a madman!! Its clear to us all that we need is reinforcements. How can this div think we are strong enough to win anything is a sign that he has a mental problem and maybe needs to be addressed with some medication.

Being on this site I have noticed that if you have a different opinion to most Arsenal fans you are called a number of names.

At times saying something against Wenger is like being in Stalinist Russia in the 1930 when if you showed decent against the party line you were frogmarched off to the Gulag in Siberia never to be seen again.

I say its time that we as gooners unite in one voice and say this is not good enough and i suggest we make our feelings clear this weekend at the Emirates Stadium and protest.

I urge all Arsenal fans who love this club to start singing and holding banners this weekend to get this board to spend money on our team.

We pay over the odds to come to this stadium each year and we  lose / Sell players each year without investment.

I urge you to sing for the cheque book to come out this weekend, its time we told Wenger that his project is not working and we have lost trust in him.

Let the board know this weekend!!!!!


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