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[Ramsey Photos] Never been prouder of Arsenal this season. Very well done,Now win the league!

Never been prouder of Arsenal this season. Very well done,Now win the league!

Well done, well f##king done lads. I don’t think I have been prouder of them this season. I’m close to f##king tears. They played like a proper team, to their full potential and with the sense of urgency and professionalism that the fans demanded.  They knew the fans wanted it, they knew they needed this and so they went for it. At the same time though, we didn’t resort to their level and stuck to our morales. Don’t let his tears fool you, Ryan Shawcross is a dirty, dirty twat. Arsene got it 100% right in his press conference. People believe that Arsenal are soft and then go into tackles like that with intent to hurt and leave a mark.

We have twice come back from a bad run of form and we’re right back in it. We have a great chance to win the league now and I think we will. I think the three points from today will spur this team on to greatness.

The spirit and togetherness was great. I loved it when Cesc had a hack at one of their dirty c##ts. These boys are brothers and not afraid to fight for one another. The mental strength in this team is incomparable to the one a couple of years ago.

Obviously, regrettably, you all know where this is going to end off. However, unlike the Diaby and Eduardo incidents, I think this one will end in us winning the league which will be dedicated to everyone who was involved in us winning it. From Aaron to Dudu to Cesc to Arsene. Let us also not forget the men who stepped in and suffered with the fans during the bad times like Kolo and Gilberto. You contributed to the quality of the team and that is not going to be forgotten. Those of you who have stepped up after criticism; Gallas, Song, Nick, Samir, Abou, Eboue well done.

Get well soon Aaron. All our thoughts are with you. We will win this for you. Don’t forget people, we haven’t won this yet, but we will.

Come on the arsenal. Hold your heads up high gooners. Well f##king  done.

Fabster  –

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