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[Video] Please Wenger NOT Kolo!!!


I cant understand it!!!


Wenger today said we have 7 Center backs at Arsenal and he might sell Kolo Toure.

So let me get this right? Wenger is keeping Silvestre, Senderos and Djouoro and Alex Song and is cashing in on our best defender?

A player who has become a legend at the club. A player who is loved by the fans, A player who was always given 100% for the club, A player that never moaned about being one of the lowest paid players at the club, A player who never moaned about being played in almost every position on the field?

WHY? is it all about making a profit for Wenger? Surly Kolo is better then ALL of the current center backs at Arsenal?

If Wenger has 2 many CB then why not get ride of Silvestre? Why not sell Djouoro who has not done anything to impress. Why sell one of the most experienced players we have?

But it looks like its a done deal and we will be getting £16m for Toure. And Wenger has worked his magic and done what he is best at. Finding a player for a small amount and then cashes in on them. But is that what we have become…Are we now a feeder club for the big boys?

I’m gutted, Kolo was a big favorite of mine, where on the other hand i could not wait to see the back of Adebayor. I feel the total opposite about Kolo.

Sad day for Arsenal and again if proves that Wenger cares only about one thing..Profit


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