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[VIDEO] Do Arsenal Need A Manager Like John Sitton?

Maybe its time for a totally different approach

What pisses me off about Wenger the most is not his lack of spending or the lies he tells the fans or his negative 4-5-1 tactics or not even the fact he dropped Arshavin for the FA Cup semi final..Its the fact he treats us fans like knobbers.

We lose to Stoke and Hull and wenger comes out and says

“We showed a great passion and spirit”

NO Wenger we didn’t…I’m sick of his same old excuses.

“The other team didnt allow us to play”
“They came and played 4-5-1 and didn’t want to attack and just played the counter attack”
“The ref didn’t protect my players”
“We looked Jaded”

Well maybe we need a manager like the legendary John Sitton.
A man who will speak the truth and say it how it is…




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