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A Message To Arsene Wenger "GET OUT"

Enjoy a short video by Sinbad “WENGER OUT” [ LINK ]

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Wenger You asked to be judged in may, Well its time for us to judge you as the man who lead us to an unspectacular 4th place and another trophyless campaign, losing five league games by November and then (in true AW fashion) improving when the stakes were reduced. I remember the “it must never happen again” bollocks when we finished 4th on the final day in 2005/06….thank your lucky stars for the spectacular Villa collapse or it would have happened again within 3 years. You  let 3 international class central midfielders leave within a six month space (Diarra, Gilberto and Flamini) and replaced them at the same cost with Ramsey, Bischoff and Coquelin, whilst promoting Denilson and Song.

This season your poor tactics led the team to 3 of the most insipid, uninspiring cup semi final performances I have ever witnessed.

You forever bangs on about “great desire”, “mental strength” and refers to each player as “a winner”. Can I remind you that your record over the past 2 years against the other top 4 clubs at the business end of the season (i.e. when it actually f**king matters from January onwards) reads PLAYED 10 WON 0 DREW 3 LOST 7.

You as the man who despite 60,000 fans regularly telling you to buy a centre half, chose not to and then decided to send one of an already poor choice of four at the club, out on loan for the season leaving Gallas, Djourou and Toure to cope all year

You could have bought Arshavin in the Summer but instead chose to wait until we were a distant 5th before exposing the club to the most drawn out deadline day saga in history. And quite what advantage did that gain as opposed to having signed him last August or July ?

You was the  man who was the big believer in the stadium move as it was “needed to cope with Europe’s elite“. Yes, we saw how well we competed with them on Tuesday. Since our move we have not finished in the top 2 and have won f**k all. At my beloved Highbury in the last 3 seasons, we reached the Champions League final, won the FA Cup and the Premiership (unbeaten). Glad we moved in order to compete. Still we have to be patient don’t we….does the club want me to be as patient with the ticket prices. Shall we pay top prices in 2017 when we are competing with Europe’s elite ?

Again poor tactics,  at 0-2 down the other night sat with his head down throughout the rest of the match and whose inspired half time magic was to add Eboue for Gibbs. We might all hate Mourinho but at least he had the balls to make first half substitutions (sometimes all three).

If you fail to add to this overpaid bunch in the Summer with some genuine quality of the Arshavin level. Oh sorry, we don’t want to “kill” the likes of Diaby, Denilson and Song do we…..C*NT!!!!

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