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[Update] Arsenal fans Email Barcelona FC

Arsenal Action have today emailed Barcelona FC and demanded an apology from the club to our Fans over the recent Shirt incident & inappropriate conduct of Barcelona FC Players towards Cesc Fabregas.

Our Email:

Sandro Rossell
President of Barcelona FC
Camp Nou

Dear Senor Rossell,

Re: Inappropriate Conduct of Barcelona FC over Cesc Fabregas

Despite what can only be described as a public assurance being given by your outgoing President Joan Laporta, prior to the World Cup taking place, that your club would not make anymore attempts to effectively unsettle one of our key players, namely Cesc Fabregas, we have seen the incidents post-World Cup which cause us a great deal of concern.

The name Barcelona Football Club used to command  respect. Your club has a fantastic history and ethically speaking you have taken steps which other top European Clubs could not possibly contemplate i.e. the free sponsorship of the UNICEF charity on your football shirts. However, this respect is fast diminishing. It is clear Fabregas is at the top of the Barca shopping list – it is also clear that it is an offence to tap players up. We believe there has been a deliberate campaign to disrupt the focus of this young gifted player and to push him to return to his hometown club. This campaign culminated in a highly publicised ‘stunt’ which saw the ‘forbidden act’ of a player wearing another football strip relating to a big rival. There can be no doubt that this stunt will have huge effects on the relationship between Cesc and the Arsenal fans, as fans will understandably question his commitment to Arsenal Football Club. Once the negativity festers hypothetically speaking it potentially will not take long for the rot to set in and for Cesc to demand a move to Barca!

In conclusion, I am writing to say that your once great club has gone down drastically in our estimations.

It is time you started behaving like a great club and stop unsettling players at other clubs. We hope FIFA investigate this matter and take the maximum penalty against you, if any findings of tapping-up are upheld.

Please see the comments made by Arsenal fans on our site aimed towards your club on this issue [Link] and also a Facebook Group with over 900 fans who are all disgusted by your so called “great club”

We want an apology from you!!!!

Yours disappointingly,

Gooner Galatyali

Arsenal Action –

Arsenal Action is a fans forum and is not affiliated with Arsenal FC

We will post a reply “IF” Barcelona FC have the bottle to do so… Debate this more on our forum, see this thread [HERE]

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