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Top Three Arsenal players from 14/15 season

Every year there are those few players that really make the difference for Arsenal, they are the men on the pitch that give their all game in game out and sometimes they are even the difference between winning and losing games.

This season might have had a tough start but without the following players we wouldn’t have got through the season as unscathed as we did.

Francis Coquelin


From zero to hero this season Coquelin has more than earned his place back in the squad after rescuing Arsenal from a tight spot. Wenger called back his ninth in choice midfielder from his loan spell at Charlton to cover the injured Ramsey’s position and ever since then we have been wondering why on earth he was on loan. Arsenal have been crying out for a decent DM and Coquelin has proved this season that he is capable of being that. He added a definitive strength to the team that was desperately needed and his tackles and interceptions were second to none as well as excelling in one-on-one duels. He really could be the long term solution to our DM issues.

Santi Cazorla


This speedy little Spaniard has made it very hard for other players to slip into his central position due to his outstanding form in that role. Cazorla has been so strong this year, his vital performances kept Arsenal in the game many times especially during the lack of form period leading up to Christmas. He clearly wasn’t happy playing wide and moving him centrally he improved his pace, creativity and he was able to support and supply the other players with more chances. He finished the season with 11 assists and 7 goals.

Alexis Sanchez



Most players that come from outside the UK struggle to settle especially in the first few weeks but that didn’t apply to Sanchez, in fact he was in better form than majority of the team until December. Sanchez’s arrival has brought so much to the team, his work rate is phenomenal and he really did cover every inch of the pitch this season. Mentally he is strong too, when the team were suffering in early season he was the only player that seemed unaffected by the form and just kept playing as well as he could. He excels in everything but creatively he is absolutely phenomenal, with 16 goals and 8 assists behind him as well as the finish of a world class striker, it is easy to see why he has been the best player this season.


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