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Top 5 Arsenal Photos and Memes of the week

Every week there are more and more hilarious memes and in this new feature we will be sharing the funniest ones we see every week.

Stolen from the Lad Bible during the week, there have been a few of these emerging over the past few weeks but this was hilarious and topped the list for us.


This one emerged after the bust up with Wenger and Mourinho during this week. Not the best one to see but funny all the same.



Every Arsenal fan will be able to resonate with this one especially if they like Big Bang Theory.

wenger be like

Our injury crisis deteriorated daily during the course of this week and we’ve actually hit a peak of injuries at the club. It’s been a rough week especially for the injured players but this sheds a little humour on the subject.


This last picture just had to be added for pure comical value. Just when you thought the last bit of passion had dwindled from Arsene Wenger he provides us with this comical outburst. It is definitely one of my new funny Wenger moments, especially the look of shock on Mourinho’s face. But I have to say it was nice to see a little spark from Wenger.

wenger and mourinho

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