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Arsenal Action to the blogosphere: A reply to all our critics

It’s recently come to our attention that certain members of the Arsenal blogosphere are not overly happy with the content the site has been producing. One particular blogger seems to have taken issue with us, being outraged and incensed enough to mention little ol’ us on his weekly podcast (which by the way are getting blander and blander with each coming week). The Arsenal Action team would like to stress that Arsenal Action is a collaborative site with various authors, freelancers and team members, regularly contributing to the site. This is done to provide fresh and varied view points and to expose the public to the different schools of Arsenal thought. Personally, we think it’s rather more entertaining than the daily ramblings of some old Irishman…. Who like Wenger has been telling us for the last 5 years that ‘success is coming!’

Said blogger claimed that all we wanted is “failure to suit our own agenda”. And questioned “why would you actively want your club to fail?” Well, if said blogger had properly read said blog post, he would have realized that all the arguments were in there. To phrase want seems to be a popular phrase amongst the ‘Arsene Knows Brigade’, it’s about the long term. Isn’t it? I am of the OPINION that if Tottenham Hotspurs were to finish above us, Wenger would finally succumb to the pressure to spend the money that he claims to have and strengthen the squad to a sufficient level, so they can with trophies for the club I SUPPORT? Rather than using media PR and propaganda to convince the fans – who pay the highest ticket prices in the world – that they should be content with 3rd place. And let’s face it, as long as we’re above Spurs, most fans are content with 3rd place. I however AM NOT. Do I not have the right to that opinion?

Tell me, what part of that argument isn’t “eloquent”. I’m sorry if you would much rather read the torrent of “Wenger haz promized uz he will spend lotz of munniez, letz have faith!!!” but I don’t necessarily agree with that so will not reciprocate. So why do you not respect “my right to have my opinion”? How is my opinion any different to the millions of others? More so, if you had read the comments, you would realise that I AM NOT the only one with this OPINION. Instead of cowardly bad mouthing the forum that I REPRESENT, why not have the courtesy to email me or the forum?

Fact is, this blogger is preaching the values of respecting everyone’s right to an opinion, hell at times I’ve seen him be more civil to opposing fans, yet he seems to have made an exception for us? Fellow Arsenal fans. Why is that? Now I see that as betrayal to the cause, not wishing for something bad so we can have long term success. Sometimes bitter medicine is the only cure my friend. Do we not fall under the category of “eloquently expressing an opinion”? How? Would you rather you get given the power of the internet so you can maintain Nazi like control over those who would rather your club take an alternative road to success?

The Arsenal Action team would like to stress that the view points of one individual DO NOT necessarily represent the view points of the team and forum as a whole. We have plenty of forum members who are members of the styled ‘Arsene Knows Brigade’ but we have enough courtesy, dignity and respect for fellow Arsenal fans to manage to co-exist and debate those viewpoints – sometimes heatedly – but always within the boundaries of respect. We allow ALL members to have a voice – even if we do not personally agree with it – and refuse to restrict that just to please a minority. Anyone there with something interesting to say or something different to say, join up or contact us and we will post it.

Ultimately, I doubt we will get too much sympathy. This blogger is rather a big shot and like Wenger, has many puppies lapping milk out of the palm of his hand and will no doubt him and his minions will attack us with a torrent of abuse. Once again, this will be the case of the big fish asserting their dominance over the little people, who in the end, have as much a right to air their opinion as anyone else. Till today, we have never attacked another blog nor disrespected another blogger.

In short, if you don’t like our work, f#ck off you C#nt. :) Oh and thanks for the publicity our old blogger chum.


The Arsenal Action Team

Please feel free to debate with us on the forum ( HERE )

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