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Time for Wenger to do the right thing and quit..

its time for Wenger to do the right thing and walk away from Arsenal.

This is not a knee jerk reaction to our disgraceful show today, as most of the regular visitors to the forum and blog will know I have been saying that Wenger needs to go for a long time.

After the Deja Vu show by an almost full strength (RVP) Arsenal side vs a Man Utd team without Ferdinhand and Vidic, it was like the “MEN vs BOYS” champions legaue semi final at home last sesaon. What has changed since then? Well Ronaldo was sold and we all hoped that the “one man team” Man Utd would now be weaker. Well they are, But the problem is for us is that we are still lightyears away from Man Utd.

Our problems?

Like i have been saying for 2 seasons, Almunia is not good enough. How many times has this clown let us down in key games?  But yet Wenger stands by him?

Denilson is not good enough, Some of you may ask why?… Well watch the Man Utd 2nd goal scored today. Just watch Denilson tracking back.

Up front we are missing a striker, But yet Wenger (who has had since the summer and cashing in on Adebayor) to address this is still faffing about.

I said last week that “Wenger LIE to the Arsenal fans AGAIN” and was slagged off by many of you for coming out and doubting Wenger?

Wenger and Arsenal had a fantastic chance of winning the league this season. All Wenger needed to do was invest some of that £30m on 2 players. A centre mid and a striker, Like many of us have been calling out for a very long time. Instead Wenger signs a 35 year old on a free as cover. That for me showed his ambition.

Some of you who come on this blog or the forum to have a good at me are just lying to yourself. I’m not the problem and  i am not alone when i say that the problem is Wenger and his stubborn, arrogant ways.

He treats the FA cup with utter disrespect, a cup we had a very good chance of winning this season.

Let’s face it, wenger has said one thing and done something different for years.

You have to ask why?

Do you see other top managers doing this? No

wenger is nothing more then a stubborn lunatic, he says one thing on Monday n come Friday he says something totaly different. It’s almost like he is 2 different people.

Wenger is either very clever or just mental.

Like I have said a few times, the reason I feel he comes out and says he wants to sign players to the press is to get the best out of his players. But there are other ways of doing this.

Your new 4-5-1/ 4-3-3 tactics are not working. You lack of signings are key to all the problems we have.

What pisses me off is that we keep falling for this trick.

At the end of the season wenger will say the following ” I have identify the problems and I will be working hard in the summer to bring in 2 big players”

a few weeks after that wenger will say I have money to spend and I will do this if the right player comes along.

Then it will be ” we are looking at some players, but are not close at the moment to signing anybody”

then it will be ” I will only sign players, if I sell to replace them”

then 2 players will be sold.

Wenger will then say, the players coming back from injury will be like our new signing.

And then wenger will say.. I’m. Not going to sign anybody as it will kill the kids..

And then comes the end of the transfer window, And just as the transfer window shuts our chances of winning the league shut at the same time.

This has been going on for years now, I know that the board are never going to sack wenger so for me the man has to do the right thing and walk away.

Thanks Arsene for everything you have done but you can NOT take this team on anymore.

We need a fresh look at Arsenal because this in not working.


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