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Time for Arsenal to get back to 4-4-2

Arsenal have always played 4-4-2. So why did Wenger change it this season?

Wenger use to always play 4-5-1 in champions league games and in the big games to try and win the game in midfield, But it never worked.

Our great teams under Wenger were 4-4-2


Then it was

—————————————————— Jens

Everybody knew their job

Now we have Eduardo on the wing 1, Arshavin the next, Walcott up front then on the wing, Nic on the wing???? (homer) its a shambles

If Wenger played 4-4-2 with the players we currently have fit our team would look something like this

—————————————————- Almunia

As you can see, 2 up front and big man and little man partnership. Arshavin playing the Bergkamp/Kanu role just off the striker and 2 wingers.

Time for Arsenal to return to 4-4-2

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