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Ticket Refunds? Lets expand on this….


I always find players wanting to refund fans after bad results touching. After Sunderland were thumped 8-0 on Saturday and became the second most famous sinking ship to leave Southampton after the Titanic, Vito Mannone (Former Gooner of course) wanted to talk to his team mates about refunding the fans who travelled all that way to watch the Black Cats fall one short of losing all 9 lives.

Ultimately, we as Arsenal fans can forget this ever happening. The idea, touching as it seems, would take away from the one notion that Arsenal and the board enjoy doing to us as fans. Rinsing us for every penny we possess and leave us feeling like a child wandering the halls of the BBC in the 70’s. Slightly violated…

Imagine this if you will… Arsenal launch a new initiative, that fans will only pay what they feel the club deserves after each match… Also bearing in mind Arsenal have only won 4 games all season out of a possible 12, imagine the scenes in the board room between Wenger and Kroenke.

Arsene: So Stan, what are the results in, I did not see the takings?

Stan: Well Arsene the fans have spoken… It looks like I need to find a smaller ranch. I can’t afford to keep thousands of Acres when the team are playing like this.

Arsene: So what do you mean Stan?

Stan: I mean the fans haven’t chipped in a cent, not even a dime.

Arsene: But we are in England Stan, we deal in pounds here, you know Sterling

Stan: Ah yes I like that Sterling lad, but we can’t buy him if the fans won’t pay Arsene, stop discussing transfer deals at a time like this.

Arsene: I’m not discussing transfers Stan, I’m saying what is the situation? We are not doing bad no?

I think you get the picture…

I think we as fans could have a bit of fun with the club here, we could suggest that we will only pay an extra 3% if Arsenal get 3% More points each season and get 3% more players in to deliver us some more silverware.

How about not playing the players if they don’t win… if they draw they only get a third of the weekly wages? Seeing as Wenger only likes to finish 4th how about we pay him a 1/4 of his wages for not progressing?

Simple sliding scale of how our wages should work.

1st Place – A full years salary

2nd Place – Half your salary and all wives to spend one night at John Terry’s house?

3rd Place – A third of your salary, All wives to spend a night at John Terry’s house and two weeks at Skegness Butlins as punishment for not achieving more.

4th Place – A Quarter of your salary, all bonuses suspended, no holiday, all flash cars sold and replaced with Nissan Micra’s, Lucas Podolski to keep aaying ‘Aha’ over and over again on radio’s rigged in the car with no off button.

5th Place – No salary and the whole squad has to sleep with John Terry.

I think this is a subtle way of apologizing for a poor season that promised so much?

But hey this is not going to happen.

The only way any of this would happen is if we as fans stood up and said that 4 wins out of 12 isn’t good enough and stopped going to matches. It isn’t the players who are to blame, don’t get me wrong, but from the level above the players something is going wrong and needs rectifying.


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