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The Vermaelen Conundrum

Thomas Vermaelen


Thomas Vermaelen is a player that elicits a kind of conundrum of whether we should we sell or keep him? With this situation there lies a problem Vermaelen isn’t just another useless player that we don’t need, he has been brilliant in the past for us even though he did struggle and with the great partnership of Kocielny and Mertesacker Vermaelen has been relegated to a substitute.

But the times he has played he’s played well, but is it selfish to want to keep him knowing he doesn’t get playing time?

The only real viable way I see to keep him is to use him as Sagna’s replacement.

But would that work? Me personally would like to see him stay at Arsenal I think he’s a very good player and he can still fight for his position.

But of course I’m just a half Egyptian wannabe journalist so I don’t really get the say as to who stays and who goes. The Vermaelen situation isn’t as clear cut as it it with other players, so what options does he have?

1/leave Arsenal join Tottenham and enjoy playing time but never play in the Champions League.

2/Make the bench his own and just enjoy getting paid for sitting down.

3/start a plot to get rid of Kocielny or Mertesacker.

4/find Wenger’s dirty secret and blackmail him.

But in all seriousness it is a hard decision on whether to sell him, it has nothing to do with his skill or that the fans dislike him and wish him to fade into obscurity elsewhere, it’s simply to do with the fact he won’t play as much.

The question is it fair to keep someone of Vermaelens talent on the bench?

I myself don’t see him leaving this summer, I think another year to regroup himself and fight for his spot is deserved.

What’s your thoughts on this?


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