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The Real Disgraceful Fans….

Are not the ones calling for Wenger’s head. Nor those supporting him blindly. It’s those who think that if you’re not in one group or the other, you shouldn’t support the club. I’ve just been told that because I don’t agree with someone’s point of view, that I do not deserve to support the club.

That’s not quite the case, the club at the moment don’t deserve it’s current supporters. With the shit they treat us to, we still manage to fill out the stadium and keep their pockets full.

When it was suggested that our squad didn’t have the depth necessary, I quote: “Go support United then.” “When we have everyone fit we have options. We don’t. Live with it or if it’s such a big deal go support someone who does.”

We’ve had regular injuries 4 seasons in a row. It’s not bad luck, it’s poor planning.

I support Arsenal as much as anyone on here. I have since ’97 and always will. I’ve contributed money to the club through paying for my tv package, memorabilia and the few times I’ve gone to see a match live. But I’m not kidding myself, I’m calling things as I see them. And don’t appreciate people questioning my support because of it.

Why the fuck should I go somewhere else because the injuries are bothering me? They’ve been bothering me for four years straight. For fuck sake, that cannot be all down to bad luck.

This certain person knows fuck all about me, so what right does he have to question me?

We’ve been unlucky with injuries eh… For four Fucking seasons? Diaby is a proven crock. Rosicky is a proven crock. Robin is a proven crock. Theo is a proven crock. Eboue is a cock. Dudu suffered a horrific injury. We’ve had most of these problems BEFORE the seasons started. Something should of been done.

Last season we played so well because of Adebayor and Cesc hitting magic form. The carried us but as soon as they got jaded, we fell apart. THAT SAYS SOMETHING.


What is the solution you could say to me? Buy, buy, buy and buy some more? Um… yes! Barcelona did it. Manchester United did it. They’re doing quite well, yes?

Am I just being unreasonable at being frustrated with injuries? Really, I think it’s quite a fair and valid point. But because I have a difference in opinion, my support is not good enough. Am I the only one who thinks that’s fucked up? Respect has to be earned and the club have not respected the supporters this season, with the recent ticket debacle at

It works both ways. Now if you want to always look at the brighter side, that’s fair enough. The world is divided into optimists, pessimists and realists. It’s just the way we are. And we shouldn’t be told to fuck off because of it.

Not having the freedom to air you opinions is a bad thing. A very bad things and it’s resulted in some very bad events happening throughout the course of history. It’s the same principal here, if people can’t air their views without their support being questioned how are we expected to develop as a club?

Not only is it disgraceful from a supporting point of view but it should be within a human being’s right to express his view. These people will tell us that we should come up with a justified argument. Well, telling us to fuck off is hardly intelligent, is it?

I don’t expect people to get along with hugs and kisses. Human nature just wouldn’t allow it, but there are somethings which are just downright disgusting and low. This is one thing that I feel strongly about and one thing that gets me riled up.

If you have ever questioned someone’s support for something as trivial as that, then YOU are a disgrace.

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