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The problem with Wenger is he wants everything on the cheap

in response to your article gaffer, totally disagree with your views.

Wenger is stubborn and is 2 tight for his own good. He has had loads of time to find a DM and still we wait. He has had loads of time to find a powerful CB and still we wait. He knew all summer that Adebayor would be sold. AND STILL WE WAIT!

The problem with Wenger is he wants everything on the cheap. Why go shopping at Harrods if you don’t have the money in your pocket to spend? You might as well stick to Primark if your a cheapskate. But WE HAVE the money and still he refuses to spend it? WHY?

You say he is looking after the clubs interests? But he signs and sells the players. How is he looking after the clubs interests when we have not won anything since 2005? He is looking at the financial side more then the winning of prizes side.

The man has over £30m in his pocket but yet he is still counting the pennies and trying to get players on the cheap. Last summer he had the chance of signing Barry or Alonso and he missed out just because he didn’t want to pay the extra few million.

Well “he who waits will miss out”

Wenger is toothless in the transfer market, You compare him to Arthur Daley, I think he is more like a homeless bum looking into the bins and begging on the streets for some spare change. Every summer its the same crap for us gooners. We are loyal fans, We are patients fans. Its time Wenger respected us more. This summer its the same shite, Wenger makes a joke of a bid to sign Melo and again we miss out…sounds familier?

As i have said before Wenger is lucky to have us. Since 2005 he has won nothing and still some fans think he is the best thing since sliced bread.

If Mr Wenger was at Real Madrid he would have been sacked a long time ago. Wenger has failed and let us down time and time again in the transfer market. We cant keep going on like this, David Dein was 100% when he said Arsenal are stone aged. Look at the Liverpool manager, He sells Alonso 48hrs later he has agreed a deal to bring in a replacement. Wenger lost Flamini more then a year ago and still we wait….That’s the difference in managers. Some managers have bottle and some are weeds.

I think wenger is a cleaver man, He cant lose…If Arsenal finish 4th he wins, Champions league football more money in the bank and all done on penny’s. People think he has done well. And this is why he never spends money….Why should he? If he was to spend £30m on a player and we finished outside the top 4 people would question his judgement and say ” He wasted money on players and we won nothing” Well people cant say that about Wenger coz he has not got the bollocks to do so…

He would rather play it safe and keep finishing 4th every season and reach the champions league. Wenger cant lose, If he wins nothing the fans still love him, If he sells our best players and never replaces them the fans still love him..What a bunch of Muppet’s you are..

Its time we told Wenger that HE HAS TO SPEND. 4th place is not good enough for us anymore….In fact i don’t even think we are going to finish 4th this summer. And then what? Well Wenger still knows RIGHT?

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