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The modern crisis in football


There is a poison that lies deep within the society of football, it’s very existence undermines the normal football fans.

The disease otherwise known as greed and sadly football was not immune to such perils, football clubs are no longer run by passionate owners for the love of football, it’s just another business model to make money.

30 and still make loads of money off that and thats not even going into merchandising food sales and sponsorship deals. But the main issue is if Arsenal had used the money they made from ticket sales and everything else to spend in the transfer market the ticket prices would be much easier to swallow rather than being a bitter pill us gooners have to take, in a just world we shouldn’t have to protest or threaten not to buy shirts or go to games, because I can imagine for a lot of fans that is a hard decision to make.

Football is no longer about the ordinary person who has to struggle if they want to buy a season ticket or an FA cup final match, its like the bigwigs have conveniently forgotten that its the fans that make the club not them, they may spend the money but its us who pay to see our team its us who buy the merchandise.

Before I got lucky meeting someone who can get me tickets and got a job where I could afford to go to a match here and there, I had never been able to go to a match, just a person who watched it all on the tv screen. It’s just sad how the fans are treated these days.

But we can talk about this for days but in truth nothing will change for me, I support the team the players I don’t support the money hungry robbers who have ruined a once beautiful game. Football isn’t a game for the people anymore, us fans are just bystanders. To hope things will change may be a bit too optimistic but this is England so why shouldn’t football be any different.

Will I walk away… No but it just saddens me its all about the money, and with the current situation with Sagna who looks like he will leave at the end of this season for more money, and that just proves my point.

Of course players leave its part of the game but I hate the hypocrisy of it one moment a player proclaims how much he loves his team next minute he’s demanding more money and if doesn’t get it leaves for pastures new.

Well thanks for reading.


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