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The 180 Minutes Against Roma Will Make or Break the Rest of the Season

We have 180 minutes, perhaps 200 minutes to decide whether the rest of the season will be happy or sad. If we stay in the Champions League, we will stay confident, the players will tell themselves “we’re in the quarter-finals of the world’s most prestigious club tournament. We can’t be doing that bad!” And the good players will think the same, giving them motive to stay. And it will give us more inspiration to get in the top 4. If we can’t beat Roma, the opposite happens. We end up in the UEFA Cup next season with out our best players.

The same problem has presented itself the whole season: the midfield. The defense has done well this season, and the strikers too for the most part, but with Cesc and Theo our midfield is paperweight. We have no pace or splitting passes. So either tomorrow night Wenger will go for the win and put Diaby in the middle to try and create something, or he’ll go for the draw and put Song in there, and have faith that he will be able to beat them in the second leg with Eduardo and  Theo playing.

If I were him, I’d go for this:

—-Bendtner—van Persie—-






With Vela in there you have pace, intelligence and more chances. He might be able to catch Roma on the break, or put in a good cross for Bendtner, or play in van Persie. If he starts, he will be the key. He has never started against just a big club, but there’s a first time for everything, and he is unfazed.

Diaby is also another very important figure. He needs to create chances. With Song in there, we may get 3 or 4 shots, 1 or 2 of them on target, and we will have to be incredibly lucky to score. With Diaby we might be able to double that. So we need Vela and Diaby to start if we want to win. If we want to draw or lose we should start Song and Eboue.

That’s all I’m going to say, but it should be a 1 goal game. PLEASE START VELA AND DIABY


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