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Squillaci Has The Longest Medical In History

Typical Arsenal, Always making us wait!

Has Sébastien Squillaci had the longest medical in footballing history?

Apparently this was done early on Monday and he should have completed the deal “all being well” straight after that, as the transfer fee and personal terms have already been agreed.

So whats the hold up?

Some rumours floating around on twitter (below)

“Squillaci has failed the medical and will have a 2nd medical within the next 24hrs”

“Just seen Squillaci talking to Avi Grant in some sauna in East Ham”

“The move has been hijacked by Pompey who have offered Squillaci more wages then Arsenal”

“Wenger has pulled the plug on the deal after he noticed that Squallaci was not as tall in real life”

“I work at London City Airport and I have just seen Toto Squallaci  flying out to Italy, I take it the Arsenal deal is off?”

And this is my favorite

“The delay in confirming the signing is due to the letter “Q” not being available in the Armoury and that Arsenal Expect the delivery to arrive tomorrow”

At the rate we sign players i think this is going to be our lot, but you never know.

By Jason

Proud member of the Arsenal Action Forum

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