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Spotify owners Arsenal takeover bid gets backing from club legends


Spotify founder Daniel Ek who is interested in taking over Arsenal has seen his bid bolstered with the support of Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira as per the Telegraph.

After the European Super League fiasco, the North London club’s owners have come under a lot of criticism with fan protests taking place before the Everton game. During the demonstrations, Elk put out a tweet expressing interest in taking over the club.

Telegraph are now reporting that the Swede is working with club legends Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira to get a bid going which would give them full control of the Emirates side. The majority of the funding would come from the businessman who is valued at £3.4 billion.

Daily Star are further reporting that current owner Stan Kroenke is under pressure to sell the club after the controversy surrounding the European Super League. But Kroenke’s son Josh has insisted that the club is not for sale at the moment. That stance could be tested if an official bid comes in.

Having three of the biggest names to ever play for the club behind him means a lot. There has been growing resentment among fans over the current regime with the club struggling to even qualify for the Europa League. Other clubs are spending money and enjoying more success on the pitch, while the North Londoners ownership seems to be content on turning out a profit.

The protests by Arsenal fans ahead of the Everton game would have also sent a message to Kroenke about the mood of the fanbase and with news that a billionaire wants to takeover, it will give the fans additional motivation to pile up the pressure on KSE group. To add to this, having three of the greatest players to have ever played for the club backing the potentially new regime will certainly raise the level of excitement among people who want to see Kroenke gone.

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