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SORRY Arsene but its time to go!!!

Time for a fresh start

Time for a fresh start

Recently Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger asked the fans to “judge him in may“. Well its may Arsene and you let us down yet again, for the 4th season in a row we have won nothing. its now time to dump wengers  youth project and to move forward.

Posted on Arsenal Action By King Malta

I stated that i would give Arsene until the end of the season before I passed any judgement, until when we had nothing left to play for. And that time is now.

This season has been absolutely appalling. I don’t care that we’re currently on a double figure undefeated league run, I don’t care that our team is ‘improving’ and I don’t want to hear anymore about jaded players.
I have often been lenient towards the Arsenal management and some players, I beleive in fully supporting the club you love, and backing them up in every way possible….but sometimes you just to be honest and pull no punches.

It’s time for change. Arsene Wenger has been an AWESOME manager for the club and has done much good….but 4 fruitless seasons of transition have left us nowhere, and its not as if we didn’t have our chances. Arsene let go players he shouldnt have, or at the wrong times. It was NEVER right to let go of Vieira. Ljungberg really should have played another year as backup, Pires had more in him also. Flamini was coming off a FANTASTIC year….I still don’t understand why they allowed him to leave…and then didn’t replace him at all. Hleb…..sure, we bought Nasri…but selling Hleb wasn’t the best choice…however, i feel that was more Hleb’s choice than otherwise. Letting Senderos out on loan seems ridiculous to me. It was OBVIOUS last year we needed depth….so we loan a CB out??? WHY?! and then loaning traore as well….WE HAVE NO DEPTH IN THE BACKLINE ARSENE! Traore should have at least come back in January. Why do you think the players are jaded Arsene??? Because there’s no depth….you can see that they’re jaded…THEN INCREASE THE DEPTH OF THE SQUAD!

Then, the constant lack of signings. If we were willing to spend money we’d have a world class side….so many players have come out and said they would LOVE to play for Arsenal, why not at least TRY to coax them over. It can’t be true we have NO money….why else are there conflicting reports suggesting otherwise coming from within the club? and why did we manage to FINALLY spend a little this year? And Arshavin….WHAT a BRILLIANT signing….but WHY halfway through the year when he was cup-tied?

And then, the way Arsene lines up the team is sometimes confusing. Adebayor again and again proved he struggles up front alone, he needed a partner, but Arsene continues to play him alone, I know a lot of our strikers are injured, but why not give Carlos a go up there with Ade? And then….the central pairings!!! Nasri as a holding midfeilder???

The Charade over Gallas’ captaincy…the comments of some of our players…I could go on. Now, Wenger is not at fault for what these players say, but how about comdemning it more. There NEEDS to be a standard set within the club of what is acceptable, and what isn’t. And if players like Ade truly are too stupid to understand what they say to the media….KEEP THEM OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT!

Then….the focus on youth. Yes, youth is important, but so is experience and skill. We NEED some older heads in the club, in the success of the invinceibles, the club had older, more experienced heads like Bergkamp, Lehmann, Campbell, Parlour, Gilberto, Ljungberg, Pires, Vieira, Keown! So much experience, so much to learn from, and so many players that had the experience and the maturity to be CONFIDENT that they could pull back leads and win against all odds, and pull out scrappy draws on the odd occasion that they didnt play well.
I understand this team has great potential, but we can’t rely on the same old comments forever, we need to purchase age, experience, and already blossomed skill with the youth we have in the team….and it doesn’t seem Arsene is willing to do this….or even sees that its neccessary.

Arsene has done so much….but maybe it’s time to bring in someone who will do things differently….someone will bring a new flavour, a new approach, and a new mindset that is required in this financial, tough, money driven world of football.

I’m sorry Arsene…..and I’ll shed a tear when you eventually leave one day….but it IS time to go…while your marvellous history is intact, and while this glorious clubs is also.

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