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So was Wenger right to keep Gallas and Sell Toure?

On the day that Mr Gallas has signed for the shite down the lane, I would like to get something off my chest.

Gallas you’re a scumbag, I never did like you and not for the fact that you took the number 10 shirt, or the fact that you protested on the pitch and showed a lack of class as our club captain. I don’t even hate you for joining the spurs…

I have you for forcing one of my all time favorite players out of the club, Mr Kolo Toure.

And Wenger I hate you with all my heart for selling Toure instead of Gallas.

Toure was one of our most loyal players, And because he fell out with Gallas he was sold to keep Gallas happy.

Toure couldn’t work with Gallas and when he signed for City he felt that the club (Arsenal) didn’t love him anymore and that’s why he had to move. Overlooked by Wenger for the captains armband ahead of Gallas and forced out the club by the moody Frenchman. We lost not only a great player but a great person who was loved by everybody in the club.

Wenger should have sold him [Gallas] the minute he fell out with our REAL captain Kolo Toure.

Now Gallas has proven himself to be nothing more then a money grabbing mercenary and he will fit in very well down the lane.

To the spurs fans who lurk on this blog, this is for you.. What type of player are you signing? No doubt a fantastic CB on his day but a player who cares more about himself then the team. A player who has a long history of cause trouble in the dressing room for country and club. You think you are getting a good deal? Just wait till he starts moaning and pissing people off… You are signing a problem child and you are more then welcome to him.

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