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[Ratings] So lets do what we always do.Lets blame the ref!!!

So lets do what we always do..Lets blame the ref!!!

Rooney dived! The Van persie goal was offside! Lets blame the ref, YET AGAIN!

The sad fact is this…Same old Arsenal, Cant kill the game off after taking a lead! Lets face it if Van Persie had scored to put us 2-0 up we might have gone on and won the game. But it was a great save from the Utd keeper with his legs and that for me was the turning point of the game.

Lets take about the Man Utd Pen!

For me it was a pen, what the hell was Almunia doing coming for that anyway? Rooney was happy to go down and was looking for it agree, Almunia should of known that and stayed on his feet.

Yes maybe we were the better side on the day. But bad luck, poor finishing call it what you want. We lost fair n square. PLEASE don’t start blaming the ref YET again for a lose!

Lets look at ourselfs for a change?

Clichy and Sagna yet again let us down with balls into the box from the wings. Denilson and Song Careless with the ball and giving it away to much. Eboue on the wing ahead of Wilshere?

And Wenger wants to tell me that we dont needs new signings. Well i hope that this defeat will prove to many of you and Wenger that we are a very long way from being a team that’s going to challenge for the title.

Yes we are a “good” side and will fight for 4th place but that’s about it.

Wenger needs to swallow his pride and go out and bring in 3 world class players right down the spine of the team.

And some of you gooners need to except defeat like men and stop blaming the refs every time we lose.

My Ratings

Almunia 4 ( didnt need to come and give away the pen )
Sagna  4 ( poor crossing all game )
Gallas  7 ( Very solid again )
Vermaelen 7 ( see above )
Clichy 5 ( Same as Sagna, But got forward well)
Song 5 ( Terrble passing )
Eboue  4 ( Crap and booked for a disgusting dive )
Denilson 5 ( Same as song )
Diaby  7 ( did ok apart from the OG )
Arshavin 7.5 ( Scored a great goal but that was it )
van Persie 6.5 ( wasted up top on his own)

Cypriot Gooner

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