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Shawcross is a thug & has done it before, Just ask francis jeffers

Stoke City boss Tony Pulis defended Ryan Shawcross after the tackle  that broke Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey’s leg.Pulis added: “I know my players better than he [Wenger] knows my players. Ryan, he is ‘not that type of lad’


Well this is not the first time Shawcross has broken a players leg, Just ask Franice Jeffers,who broke his ankle after a nasty tackle from behind from Shawcross. And why not ask Adebayor what he thinks of this player? ( See Below )

Not that type of player??

Stoke have had 3 players sent off in there last 3 games? Not that type of team??

Teams are told that to beat Arsenal you have to ruff them up & be physical. Teams like Hull, Bolton, Stoke etc, the only way they are going to beat us is by kicking us off the park .  They cant beat us by playing FOOTBALL so they try to ruff us up and they get away with it.

This is happend to many times.Diaby, Dan Smith. Eduardo, Taylor and now this…  its time the FA did something about this and players who are thugs cant just say “they didnt mean it”

Players like Shawcross who go in hard need to no that if they get it wrong they are going to be punished.

Time for the FA and the pundits on MOTD and SKY to grow a set of balls and wake up!

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